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Disclosure and Consent

Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to evaluate and treat patients from different locations. Telemedicine provides ease of access to medical services and treatment without long waits, allows treatment without patients having to be physically present for an in-office appointment across town or through traffic, and reduces healthcare costs. To provide telemedicine services, your medical provider may require you to transmit certain medical records, photo identification and other personal health information.

The STUD-RX® telemedicine visit includes a questionnaire and may also include a live chat or telephone conference with the medical provider to whom you are referred for treatment. STUD-RX.COM’s® platform also incorporates certain protocols to protect the privacy and security of your personal health information.

Telemedicine is not without risks, though. A telemedicine health care provider may not receive sufficiently detailed information to provide an accurate, comprehensive diagnosis or prescription treatments. Telemedicine is not a substitute for a relationship with your primary care physician or for your regular, in person checkups. A telemedicine health care provider cannot conduct tests, perform blood work or assess vital signs in-person, which could prevent your provider from identifying a need for emergency medical care or treatment, or underlying causes of any condition for which you are seeking treatment. Technical failures can prevent timely provision of telemedicine services. Telemedicine is not indicated if you have an allergic reaction or if you have other emergency medical conditions. IF YOU HAVE AN ADVERSE MEDICAL REACTION OR SUFFER FROM AN EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONDITION, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY AND PROCEED TO YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM OR HOSPITAL.

By using the STUD-RX® telehealth platform, becoming a registered subscriber to the STUD-RX® telemedicine platform, or by clicking “I Consent” below, you confirm that you have read the prior section, and you understand the risks and benefits of telemedicine, and you acknowledge and agree:

  • The telemedicine services you receive from healthcare providers with whom we have relationships, are separate from STUD-RX.COM®.
  • That you authorize STUD-RX.COM®, and your health care providers with whom you are connected via the STUD-RX.COM® platform, to share information regarding telemedicine services for treatment, payment and health care operations purposes, including consent to share medical records with your primary care or other physicians.
  • That if you receive a prescription from a healthcare provider, you authorize STUD-RX.COM® to send your healthcare and personal information to your dispensing physician or a compounding pharmacy so that you may receive your prescription and other pharmacy services.
  • That although telemedicine may provide benefits for you, no benefits or specific results can be guaranteed, and that your condition may not improve, and in some cases, may get worse.
  • To seek emergency help in cases of emergency.
  • Unless you revoke your consent, this informed consent will be renewed upon each telemedicine visit and upon each refill of prescribed medications received from your telemedicine healthcare provider, and your healthcare provider may continue to provide services to you via telemedicine without the need for you to complete another consent.

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