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How It Works

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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A digital medical visit with a medical provider licensed in the U.S. and State of residence is required. All calls and messages are free and totally confidential.

How it works

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*Digital Medical visit with a healthcare provider licensed in the U.S. & State of residence.

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Our Subscription Plans

Starting at $40/MO
free shipping and free local delivery for texas residents

All plans include a digital provider consult, customized medication, monthly refills, and medical support , all designed to improve your erection and endurance

The Quarter Horse

Choose this plan if you want to be at your best when the moment presents itself. Having confidence to be able to perform at peak levels is important, and with The Quarter Horse you will have it. This plan gives you the largest daily dose of the rapid acting ED.
The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred

Long acting
Choose this plan if you want to have the spontaneity of a young Colt, and/or when the long ride is in your future. The Thoroughbred will allow more time for pleasure. Night or day, day or night, you will be ready to enjoy that special time. This plan gives you the largest daily dose of the long acting ED.

The Mustang

Rapid + Long acting
Choose this plan if you want to have a choice of rapid onset and/or long duration ED medication. There will be no doubt that with the Mustang you will be ready for anything. Provides individual doses of rapid & long acting ED medication.

The Stallion

Rapid + Long acting
Choose this plan if you want to to have certainty that you can arise to the multiple occasions during a romantic weekend or honeymoon. The Stallion is sure to bring out the STUD in you. Provides a compounded dose of rapid & long acting ED medication.


STUD-RX is a unique telehealth care coordination system that brings men and providers together to successfully address ED.

Yes, the commercially made medications provided by The Quarter Horse, The Thoroughbred, and The Mustang are approved by the FDA. The Stallion is a compounded product which is overseen by the State & FDA but it is not an FDA approved therapy.

There is no cost for the medical visit only $40 each month for ANY of the treatment packages.

Any anatomical male over the age of 18 having erectile dysfunction

Your provider is committed work with you to ensure success! If response is suboptimal then the provider may deem other therapies or dose changes are necessary.

Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime (cancelations must be made 72 hours prior to next scheduled shipment/delivery to avoid charges).

Our providers have the full spectrum of solutions (commercial and compounded) available for ED. Since we are local, we can ship or deliver the same day if the address is within 30 miles of a STUD-RX® HUB Pharmacy. We are committed to your success.

Yes, please email a request for transfer to

If within 30 miles of a STUD-RX® HUB Pharmacy – same day if visit completed by 3:30 pm or priority 1-2-day mail if outside area.
STUD-RX® is available in Texas for Texas Residents only.

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