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Our treatments are based on those proven safe and effective for over 20 years and millions of prescriptions in both generic and name brand formulations.

Treat ED, for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.

We have the medication that will best suit your specific medical needs and your lifestyle.

The Stallion

The Perfect Combination

All Subscription plans include
12 Doses per month
for only $40

The Stallion Rapid & Long Acting
Rapid + Long acting
The Stallion provides a combined dose of rapid & long acting ED medication within a single DOT. Choose this plan if you want the certainty that you can arise on multiple occasions during a romantic weekend.

takes easier

acts faster

lasts longer

tastes better

Our standard Plans

*All plans available for Texas Residents only

The Quarter Horse - ED Medication

The Quarter Horse

This plan gives you the largest daily dose of the rapid acting, FDA Approved "little blue" ED medication.
The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred

Long acting
This plan gives you the largest daily dose of the "famous orange" long-acting, FDA Approved ED medication.
The Mustang - ED Medication


Rapid + Long acting
This plan provides you with individual doses of both FDA Approved, rapid & long-acting ED medication.
All plans include a digital provider consult, customized medication, monthly refills, and medical support, all designed to improve your erection and endurance.
*Digital Medical visit with a healthcare provider licensed in the U.S. & State of residence.

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"don't be the dud, when you can be the stud."

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Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Get Started Today with an Online Medical Visit.

A digital medical visit with a medical provider requires a license in the U.S. and state of residence. All calls and messages are free and totally confidential.

All plans include a digital provider consult, customized medication, monthly refills, and medical support, all designed to improve your erection and endurance.


STUD-RX® is a unique telehealth care coordination system that brings men and providers together to successfully address ED.

Yes, the commercially made medications provided by The Quarter Horse, The Thoroughbred, and The Mustang are approved by the FDA. The Stallion is a compounded product which is overseen by the State & FDA.

There is no cost for the medical visit only $40 each month for ANY of the treatment packages.

Any anatomical male over the age of 18 having erectile dysfunction

Your provider is committed work with you to ensure success! If response is suboptimal then the provider may deem other therapies or dose changes are necessary.

Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime (cancelations must be made 72 hours prior to next scheduled shipment/delivery to avoid charges).

Our providers have the full spectrum of solutions (commercial and compounded) available for ED. Since we are local, we can ship or deliver the same day if the address is within 30 miles of a STUD-RX® HUB Pharmacy. We are committed to your success.

Yes, please email a request for transfer to support@stud-rx.com.

If within 30 miles of a STUD-RX® HUB Pharmacy – same day if visit completed by 3:30 pm or priority 1-2-day mail if outside area.
STUD-RX® is available in Texas for Texas Residents only.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for peak performance

When you are with someone that you love, it is important that you can perform the way you want to. We offer personalized ED treatment online designed to help you overcome your barriers. Whether you are looking for a fast acting solution or something that provides you with the endurance that you are looking for, we provide ED care to cater to your specific needs.

Personalized Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

We provide digital medical visits with a medical provider licensed in the U.S. where you can discuss your needs in a safe and discreet way. We offer a range of cures for erectile dysfunction, including effective, evidence based methods that will have you ready for anything. With subscription services starting at a affordable price each month, you have customized access to a program that will generate results that cater to your specific needs.

Find Out More About Emerging Treatment Options for ED

Are you interested in safe and effective options for erectile dysfunction treatment? You can count on the team at Stud – RX. Consult with a medical physician from the comfort of your own home. To find out more about our options call our team today at (844) 478-8379


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