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Surprising Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Many people are shy or self-conscious when it comes to discussing their sexual problems. While some people experience functional issues while having sex, others have physiological, emotional, or psychological issues that prevent them from enjoying a healthy sex life.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

A common sexual problem that men experience is erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with erectile dysfunction cannot get or sustain an erection long enough to enjoy satisfactory sexual intercourse. It may be a short-term or a long-term problem. We’ve got you some surprising facts about erectile dysfunction that will open your eyes to the nature of this condition.

  • It Is Not a Normal Sign of Aging

Most people presume that erectile dysfunction is a normal part of aging or occurs only in older men. However, this is not true! Erectile dysfunction does not necessarily have anything to do with aging and occurs in men of all ages.

  • It Is More Common Than You Think

Since most people are uncomfortable sharing their sexual issues, they presume they are the only ones suffering from erectile dysfunction. In fact, 52% of men experience this condition. It’s far more common than you think.

  • There Are Different Degrees of Erectile Dysfunction

Though erectile dysfunction is just thought to be the inability to get an erection, men can experience various degrees of the condition. While some can achieve an erection, they may be unable to maintain it long enough for intercourse; others may find it challenging to achieve an erection in the first place.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erections are caused when blood engorges the penis. So men with cardiovascular conditions—like blood flow issues—can experience erectile dysfunction. Before blood gushes into the penis, the brain signals the penile nerves to relax. In men with diabetes, the nerves may be damaged, resulting in ED.

  • Mental Health Conditions and Poor Psychological Health Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Getting an erection is a combination of mental and physical factors. Men who suffer from anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or other mental health conditions may have erectile dysfunction.

  • It Can Be a Warning of an Underlying Health Condition

Erectile dysfunction is a common symptom of more serious health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Did you know in around 70% of men, ED is an early sign of atherosclerosis?

  • It Doesn’t Have Anything to Do with How Attractive Your Partner Is

While getting an erection may be a reaction to how beautiful or handsome you find your partner, ED is not because your partner is not pretty enough.

  • Viagra Is Not the Only Treatment Option

Thanks to the drug’s popularity, most people presume it is a magical potion for erectile dysfunction. However, there are several other treatments for this condition, and the most suitable one for you depends upon many factors, including the cause of your ED and your medical history.

Erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition, especially when detected early. If you think you suffer from this condition, visit your physician or a urologist as soon as possible. For more information on erectile dysfunction or for an expert opinion, call us at Stud-Rx!

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